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Pinnacle Hockey Development

Clothing Order

Click on the link below to see the clothing order.  The deadline to order is Friday, May 4th.  Clothing will be handed out the first week of summer camp if you are doing that, otherwise Nicole will contact you when clothing comes in to work out a plan to get it to you!

PHD 2018 Summer Player Camp

Below is the link for information on the summer player camp.  Below that is the link to register.  Please read the information sheet prior to registering.  After reading that, if you still have questions, please email Nicole (

We will have a clothing order ready mid March.  Check back in March for that!

Sun Prairie Monday thru Thursday Camp Options

Sun Prairie will offer 2 different groups that will focus on different things and lead by different coaches.  Please read the options below and select the option on the registration that you would like your child to participate in.

Option 1:  Play Hard

Love the Game-Love to Train 
*Pinnacle Hockey Development (PHD) programs are designed to increase the athletes confidence and passion for the game through a strong work ethic.  Players will understand the importance of determination and effort in achieving physical and mental excellence on the ice.  
Skills and Concepts 
*At PHD we create a successful learning environment through skill progressions.  Players develop mastery of skills and learn to apply them in game situations.  We utilize a learning by doing or learning the natural way concept while emphasizing four game play roles.  The roles being emphasized are:  (1) Playing with the puck.  (2) Supporting the puck.  (3) Defensive checker/player closest to the puck.  (4) Supporting defensive player.  
Develop into a well rounded athlete.
*Off-ie drills focused on developing athletic attributes
*Emphasize healthy nutrition and rest/recovery strategies
*Create mental toughness through competitive drill/game situation
*Encourage participation in a wide variety of games/sports

Option 2:  Skill and Games

The second group will be a continuation of what they have done in past years where the first skate is more individual skill based and skating.  They will work to grow the individual players needs and help them to gain the skill and confidence to perform for their upcoming season.  Skills such as stick handling, passing, shooting, puck protection and awareness will be some of the key components that will be focused on.  They will be working on many skating attributes to help their ABCs of skating.  (Agility, Balance, Core and strength).

The second ice session will be more focus on game play and scrimmages.  They will provide a fun environment to learn the team aspect of the game thru different forms of games at the end of the day.


Pinnacle Hockey Development is our player development platform.  Through on-ice skills, off-ice skills, fitness, nutrition and the Balance & Believe philosophies we develop players to attain their "next" level goals.

Primarily a summer program (see summer training tab) we build relationships with all of our players/parents to insure their year round success and continued growth.

Every player that comes through a PHD camp or becomes a student of our personal lessons we feel it is our duty to get that player to the level he/she wants to get to.  The road can be tough, but if you follow our steps and put forth the needed effort anything is possible.

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