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Friends of the Rink

Support your local Ice Arena!

Thank you for being here!

Friends of the Rink is a program that allows community members that are friends of their local facility, someone who skates there or are just great people an opportunity to support local not-for-profit ice arenas.

We started this program because we have managed ice arenas and know the hardship they face.  Most arenas struggle, it's not glamorous working in them and it is just plain hard work on a daily basis to keep the ice in good condition.  We want our facilities to have enough funding to continually improve and grow, which will make the ice skating experience better for everyone - that is our #1 goal - make the experience more enjoyable!

So, we hope that you can make a continued donation to the facility of your choice so that they can keep the lights on and the ice frozen!

Thank you again for being here.

Tax Deductible

100% of your monthly contribution is tax deductible - all facilities are not for profit 501(c)(3) entities.

Start by choosing your State

As new rinks and regions sign up their State will become highlighted.  Encourage your Facility managers to join the program!

Ice Arena Managers

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If you would like to be a part of this program please click here