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We're a unique and community focused gym located in the Oregon Ice Arena.  

At The Farm Gym we want to be more than a place you just workout.  Inspired by athletes, we believe in dedication, support, education and training.  We want you to get the most out of your time with us and for your fitness experiences to be positive, rewarding and something you look forward to each day.

Our mission is to help you achieve YOUR fitness, health and athletic goals.   Whether looking to enhance you or your student's athletic abilities, or start a journey to a healthy weight we have the training, support and education you need to help you reach your goals. 

Check out some of our training options by clicking the link below!

Exciting news!

We are very excited to say that we are going to be partnering with Fusionetics! Fusionetics is an evidence-based movement performance solution, with focus on injury prevention and recovery. Through Fusionetics, we can do movement efficiency tests and screenings in order to generate an evidence-based, corrective exercise program that is unique to YOU! Along with that, you will have access to a daily readiness test as well as training load tracking! Come out to The Farm and have access to the same technology that professional teams and elite athletes have used to train! Click the link below to learn more and questions can be directed to Cole Mahoney by clicking the envelope icon in the upper right corner of this page

More About Fusionetics

Link to Fusionetics about page!

The Farm Gym

The Farm Gym

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